Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Buzz

We all know that Google Buzz is buzzing a lot for sharing our blog post, interacting with friends and lots more. Some users don’t like to use Google Buzz from Gmail but few Google Buzz shortcuts keys will help you to access Google buzz easy and fun.

But before you start buzzing with keyboard shortcuts, you need to enable keyboard shortcuts in Gmail.

Here are simple steps to enable keyboard shortcuts for Gmail:

  1. After Login to Gmail, Click on “Settings” option on top right.


  1. Click on “General” Tab.

  2. Select “Keyboard Shortcuts ON”.

General Tab

Here goes the list of few useful keyboard shortcuts for Google Buzz:

  • gb          : Open Google Buzz
  • r             : Add a comment
  • m            : remove selected conversation from list
  • j/n          : Move to next share
  • K /p        : Move to previous share
  • o             : expand conversation
  • Shift+l     : Like a conversation

Spacebar : Page down action

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Do share with us , if you are aware of more Google Buzz shortcuts to increase productivity.