Online text converter tool for HTML, Word and Text

Online text converter tool for HTML, Word and Text which allows converting HTML to Txt and vice-versa. It also can be used to convert Word content into HTML cleanly.

Many bloggers who might not be very adept as knowing a lot about HTML might have a problem with copy-pasting content on a website from a Word Document. As Editor at DW, I have often had to use some online text converter or the other. With ToolsGeek I found an online service which can be used to convert text to HTML and backwards in seconds.

Features of Tools Geek Text converter

  • Requires no sign-up and we can just paste the text into the large text box.
  • The buttons are pretty self-explanatory about how to go ahead and cleanup or convert the text.
  • What I like is that it allowed me to convert from Word to HTML and even convert HTML to TXT. There are other minor features too like word count, changing all text to upper and lower case.

I had previously written about a similar tool but that only worked to clean up Word content when copied into HTML Editors. This one works with a lot of different types of text.

Do look it up and drop in your comments about your views and also if you know of similar tools which you find useful.

Link: Tools Geek Text converter


Rahul @ MazaKaro October 23, 2010

very useful ! thank you for sharing this , photos help a lot !! 🙂

Kunal October 23, 2010

Hey This one is really good.
Interesting post.