Send your Suggestions and Feedback to Orkut!


The year 2008 is going to end and we have seen many new features and changes in Orkut. Also, as expected, the year saw a rapid increase in the users of Orkut with the launch of many exciting features like launch of themes, integration of Gtalk with Orkut, new photo sharing options, etc.

And now, guys at Orkut help group wants you to spend a few minutes on sending them helpful and useful comments and feedback specially for the new photo sharing feature launched recently. You can share your view with them just by filling a short survey form that may not take more than 5 minutes to fill completely. πŸ™‚ I would personally suggest you to write whatever you think about Orkut and its new photo sharing feature, because it is our feedback that encourage them to roll out exciting and new features every alternative day.

Link: Survey Form

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neeraj kumar April 16, 2009

I am not able to send a friend request to anybody.plz clarify my problem.

Rahul Bansal April 22, 2009

U may be blocked by Orkut for sending too many friend requests!

neeraj April 22, 2009

i want to know that how many frnd fequest can be sent in a day ? plz reply

Rahul Bansal April 30, 2009

Normally 10-15, then orkut starts image verification which is quite annoying!

Harsh Agrawal April 22, 2009

@ Neeraj
Though I don’t think there is any limit, though after certain numbers you have to enter captcha for addition for adding friend.

Divya May 7, 2009

Please make ID proof a mandatory option for users in orkut.Orkut requestes the users to be above the age 18 years.But i have seen many children below 18 years of age using orkut.And impersonation is my problem.I have no orkut account and i have found a profile with my name and other details.Making ID proof a mandatory option we can ensure it is legal and safe.many people are getting affected with such abusive fake orkut accounts. Please help!!!

Rahul Bansal May 8, 2009

Nice suggestion Divya! πŸ™‚

Divya May 8, 2009

Ofcourse its a nice suggestion.Being top in networking itself is not a great acheivement but should also ensure necessary safety actions are taken from such suggestions.But how can orkut people come to know such suggestions??I have ported this on orkut feedback and suggestions form but there is no reply or comment on it.Please do something or take certain measures to make ID proof mandatory…. please…. thanking you in anticipation.

Rahul Bansal May 12, 2009

Hi Divya. We greatly support and appreciate your views and concern.
But all I could do is, go to Orkut suggestion form and give this suggestion.

jayaraj May 30, 2009

I using the orkut from last 1 year . from 1 week i get a problem is someone changing my profile . i change the gmail password also but the problem still . i trace ip adress account change in Brazil users( Hackers )

try to solve the problem .

(Orkut user)
[email protected]

Tony July 4, 2009

I am not able to send scraps to my friends in orkut…posting to this user has been temporarily been disabled….this is the message that they are showing….plz solve this problem at the earliest..

Rahul August 5, 2009

we all friends facing problems in orkut while finding the old scraps. Orkut will have to make a way in orkut that the users will find their old scrap of particular year,month,date,time. its difficult to clik again and again to the previous scrap.

NITIN KUMAR GUPTA August 14, 2009

if suppose i have send a scrap of my friends so how i will confurm my friend has read that scrap … i am facing this problem it is not only my problem it is all orkut users problem plz clarify this .


Rahul Bansal September 1, 2009

There is no way buddy… πŸ™

mini August 31, 2009

how to reply to the scraps what we get on orkut through gmail,which shud end up in orkut page after replying to the scrap

mini September 2, 2009

πŸ™ thank u so much!!

cool ya September 17, 2009

i cann’t use my profile picture as “original”
y so.
plz help!!!

nanu September 27, 2009

where can i send feedback to google orkut completely sucks even a normal messages says its a spam what the heck is wrong with orkut please reply me at thanks for the site

sahil October 27, 2009

i want to share one of my album with selected frnds……
but wen i change its sharing no effects take place..
pls tell its realy imp 4 me

Deepak Jain October 28, 2009

If nothing works, try deleting and re-uploading the album.

Dr Vikas Jindal November 9, 2009

I want to know the legitimate age of creating profile on the orkut and facebook and according to law what is the penality if somebody does it below the permitted age – dr vikasd jindal

Aditya Kane November 10, 2009

@Dr Vikas Jindal: The legitimate age will depend from country to country. In India is it 18 years. There is no penalty if someone below that age registers. In case of minors who do not fit the criteria contacting Facebook and Orkut can get the account deleted or blocked.

Anoushka December 27, 2009

Want to reset [email protected] a/c password.
Trying to fill the most confusing form –

Then get reply can’t help you.
Need an email address where I can explain what I want

Kuldeep Chhokra February 25, 2010

Regarding Bug IN Your Orkut……………..

Hi i have found that it shows 29th feb bday of a orkut member in a 2010 which is not a leap year. so please fix this bug . I can also sent u snapshot of the screen .


KALYANI JOSHI March 9, 2010


rahul April 15, 2010

i cant change or add may photo in my orkut profile.
only 1 message is there “Please wait while we are opening the image for cropping.”
plz do something fast.

anitha April 17, 2010

im not able to see the recent visitors of orkut even though all the settings are correct…please rectify my problem as soon as possible

Mandar C. April 23, 2010

In new orkut there is option to find friend by scroll. but no intresting themes.
but that scroll u can give in older version to make better.

Mandar C. April 23, 2010

Last 4 to 5 days my friend can not able to upload profile photo on orkut. is there any problem. if yes then give any solution.

Josh June 2, 2010

I suggest that orkut should provide a feature i.e to send scraps to different persons at a time. I hope orkut will provide a feature like that.

Nadeem sohail June 19, 2010

I want privacy to “selected friends” for scrapbook

Aarhisreshtha Mahanta August 19, 2010

orkut should also hold quizzes like facebook.i want to keep my scraps and e-mail address visible only to myself.There should also be games in orkut.I want these features to be added to orkut.Otherwise,orkut is 1 of the best social network!

pragya August 28, 2010

scraps r not flashed .we r unable to see scraps in side option means we see scraps only when we open our scrapbook.previous one was much better,,,,

harsh September 13, 2010

ur new orkut is very un friendly for the users….
so the earlier version of orkut is far better than the latest version…
so changing in to previous version or an improved version…

khushi September 29, 2010

orkut is qiuet borring now why cant be new innovation like facebook like uploading own vedios ,games

Gokul nath October 14, 2010

My orkut friend requst is regularly compliant pls help me!

senthil kumar March 22, 2011

hello sir the chat program in orkut is not working in internet explorer 9 and happy harvest game is not updated and please check

souradeep April 4, 2011

orkut is not starrted well, Its alway scoma “ERROR” below 1 and
the half month ago

plzz check the orkut profile as soon aspossible.