[Summary] Devils Workshop in 2007

This should have been last post in 2007 but instead this is going to be first post of 2008. Anyway here is summary of 2007…

The biggest thing we have done is moved to WordPress from blogger(blogspot) in June 2007. Because of few mistakes it took some time to catch up with this new domain. Still with all your support we are happy with progress of Devils Workshop!


  • Unique Hits ~ 159000
  • Page Views ~ 405400
  • Posts ~ 155
  • Comments ~ 1100

#Earning (Annual):

  • Google Adsense – 4 Digit Fig (in USD)
  • Other Source – 3 Digit Fig (in USD)


Now lets turn to best posts. We are picking up 2 sets of  top 10 posts. First set is for Orkut only and other set for rest.

#Top 10 Post (Orkut)

  1. Continuously Updating list of proxies for Orkut, Myspace, Facebook, etc
  2. New Orkut Scripts – Scrap All Friends with Single Click! Send Images, Flash, Audio, Video & More!
  3. Simplest Orkut Scrapbook Flooder
  4. Orkut Album Hack : View Photos From Locked Orkut Album!
  5. Orkut Dating Tricks – How to find girls in your city!
  6. Orkut Added Scrapbook Privacy Feature! Safeguard your scrapbook against strangers!
  7. Orkut Scrap Deleter Script! Delete All Scraps without a click! (Anti-Flooding)
  8. Orkut: Subscribe to RSS feed of any Scrapbook & Community with just one-click!
  9. Orkut Pending Friend Requests Deleter Script!
  10. Top Orkut Hacks, Tools & Scripts Collection for NEW LOOKS!


#Top 10 Post (Firefox, Adsense, SEO, YouTube, Blogger, etc)

  1. SEO: Get higher Google pagerank by naming files and/or blog post titles optimally!
  2. Multiple Firefox Profiles at the same time – Firefox Command-line arguments trick!
  3. Firefox Tweak : Sharing (Synchronize) Firefox Profiles Bookmarks, Extension, etc between Window XP and Windows Vista!
  4. Google Adsense Hack: Automated Section Targeting for bloggers!
  5. Keepvid Hack – Download Videos from YouTube, MySpace, Google and virtually every video sharing sites!
  6. FireTorrent : Firefox Extension for Downloading Torrents Without any external torrent client!
  7. New Google Search Feature – Live & Recent Cricket Scores are just One-Click Away!
  8. Shortest Tutorial for Firefox Extension/Toolbar Development!
  9. Blogger + Adsense Hack: Show ads after each post to earn more from your blogger beta blog!
  10. Firefox Tweaks: Address bar as Search BOX – Let Google make you feel Lucky!


Finally let us know if anything is missing from above lists which you think should be part of it!

Thank you all for a wonderful year… 🙂


Our Sincere Request: Spare a minute to let us know about your favorite post of the year 2007 and what are you expecting from this Devils workshop! Thanks in advance for your time 🙂