TrackThisForMe lets you keep an eye on your daily activities

How cool would it be to keep track of all your daily routine activities like how many kilometres you jog, or time spent talking on mobile or weight gained/lost? TrackThisForMe tries to do exactly this. It’s essentially an Android or web app which churns out interesting statistics based on input of your routine activities. To […]

Send & receive SMS from your PC: MobiTexter

An Android App which enables you to send, receive and view text messages on your Android device from your desktop browser. That is exactly what MobiTexter app is all about. The App basically synchronizes the Contacts and SMS to your existing Gmail account and give you complete control from your PC. MobiTexter is completely free (even […]

Google Releases Standalone Calendar App for Android

Google has made its official Calendar app available for all Android users. The App itself was only available for Google’s Nexus phone and Nexus 7 tablet users. Today, it has been made available for all devices using Android 4.0.3 onwards. I decided to try out the Calendar app on my HTC phone running Android 4.0.3. […]

Use Gmail’s Canned Response Feature on Your Android Phone

If you are using Gmail for managing your work like I do, then you might have heard about Gmail’s canned response feature. It is a feature which allows users to send a pre-defined reply to similar emails. For example, if someone asks for my contact details via email, I usually reply with a canned message. […]

Send and Receive SMS from Your Phone Number on Browser

I blog using a laptop in my home. That means I often move from one room to another with my laptop. Unfortunately in such cases, I always forget to carry my phone with me. It gets a little bothersome when I get an SMS and I have to move back to where I left my […]

Flipkart’s MP3 Store Flyte is Availabe on Android

It looks like the Indian music fans are in for some exciting times. Most people who listened to MP3 music, downloaded pirated versions. The reason behind this was there were hardly any DRM free MP3 music being sold legally. In the world where people literally have a thousand songs on their mobile phones, India badly […]

5 Android Apps Which I Love On My Samsung Galaxy S2

You might have heard that Samsung has surpassed the sale records of other competitor mobile phone companies’; they even left Apple behind in number of smartphone sales. The two devices which contributed in Samsung’s record breaking sales are “Samsung Galaxy S II” & “Samsung Galaxy Note”. I purchased Galaxy S II few months back and […]