Join Google Adsense Official Community On Orkut

If you are Google Adsense publisher then you must join the official Orkut forum, exclusively for Indian publishers. This community is managed by AdSense professionals working out of the Google office in Hyderabad, India. Here you can sort out problems of other publishers and if you need any help, Adsense professionals are always there to […]

Update Twitter, Facebook and Orkut Status With Just One Click

Social networking sites like twitter or facebook is a good way to connect friends with each other but it’s such a hectic job to update the same status message for twitter, facebook and orkut. But now you can control both of your accounts i.e facebook and orkut from twitter using two simple applications. Facebook: To […]

No Stopping for Bing; Earns Another 1% of Search Market

Like in the month of June,  Bing continues to make slow but steady progress reveals July reports. According to comScore Global Stats analysis, search engine Bing once again increased the Microsoft share of the US search market in July. Although the growth is minor from 8.23 % in June to 9.41 % in July, Microsoft […]

Most Popular Social Networks Worldwide

Recent reports suggest that Facebook has rapidly been gaining popularity, and has taken over MySpace to become the world’s most popular social network. Apparently, Facebook is visited by every third person out of ten people online across the world. Here are some highlights from the report: There have been huge increases in reach for Facebook […]

Bing TV Commercials – Cure for Search Overload Syndrome

Microsoft is spending almost $80 million to $100 million on its ad campaigning to promote Bing. In a series of its ads, Microsoft is trying to show Google as a cluttered, irrelevant and confusing search engine. Even though the campaign doesn’t directly mention the name Google, but the target is pretty clear to all. 🙂 […]