Google Chrome Ads – From YouTube to your TV set!

Google recently launched a video campaign to market its web browser – Google Chrome with the help of 11 short films, telling the users what Chrome is all about. Google then released Chrome Shorts on the YouTube channel that seemed to receive a good response. Seeing this, Google has now decided to show this to […]

Google markets Chrome with 11 short films

Google recently launched a video campaign to market its web browser – Google Chrome (a browsing browser… a new way to get online!). The video is a collection of 11 short films (mostly animated) that tell us what Chrome is all about.

The short films creatively demonstrate Chome’s capabilities in the simplest way possible, so that even a non-techie could understand.

Security Problems with Google Chrome?

There was a security threat with Google’s web browser – Google Chrome. According to the Google Chrome Team, there was an error in handling URLs with a chromehtml: protocol. This allowed the attacker to run scripts of his choice on any page or enumerate files on the local disk under certain conditions.

Because of this problem, the attacker could endanger any user who browsed a malicious site using Internet Explorer and had Google Chrome installed.

Beware Copycats! Copyscape could be watching you!

Are you worried about protecting your content online – be it in the form of a corporate website, online publication, blog, or even a marketing document? If yes, then this post is for you…

Now, defend your website from online plagiarism by tracking copycats and protecting your Web content against online theft.

10 Unique Features of Opera Browser

With an increase of heat in browser wars, everyone in the market is trying to outpace the other by adding new features in every release. With two giants already in this cut-throat competition, Opera browser has preserved its place firmly among its tiny share of user base (0.71% in 2009 Q1 according to Wikipedia). So, […]

Now Use Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer With IE & Safari too!

One of the most loved add-on that I use with Firefox is Foxmarks that keeps syncing bookmarks saved on my browser with its server automatically. So incase I uninstall my OS or browser, then I need not worry of saving all my precious bookmarks. This also helps me while working with multiple PCs on the […]

Personalized Chrome like Tab now on Firefox with Google Toolbar 5!

One of the most liked and appreciated feature in Google Chrome is, it shows thumbnails of 10 most viewed pages while opening a new tab. A preview of one such page is available on the bottom of this post as well. If you too like the same feature in Chrome, but don’t want to skip […]

Google to roll addons for Chrome users!

There’s some good news coming in for ‘Chrome’ users. Google’s Chrome, youngest in the field of browser, is planning to roll out addons as in Firefox, for its users too. 🙂 Though there is no such official news from the Google team, but Aaron Boodman working in Google for Chrome and Gears, has mentioned on […]