Chrome SEO – Must Have Chrome Extension for SEO Experts

Everyday you visit a lot of websites, have you ever think of the web site you often visit has some SEO parameters. That will let you know about the Page Rank, Traffic, Pages Indexed, Backlinks, Bookmarks, Search Stats etc of your web page. Does it sound interesting to know more about it? Though there are many extensions to find SEO details but I am going to share the extension which I like the most.

Chrome Extension To Get Lyrics To A Song On YouTube

It is good to have some music while coding. Bon Jovi is one of my favorite singer. I listen to his songs though I do not understand them thoroughly. Usually I download lyrics from any popular web site which comes first in my way and save it to my computer. When I watch any YouTube music video, I have to find that file in my computer, cascade windows to watch lyrics and to play video simultaneously.

Chrome extension for awesome screenshots

Google Chrome Extensions seems to be catering to every single need you can possibly concoct for yourself while you are browsing through sites. Previously I wrote about the Chrome extensions for Facebook lovers, today though it is a new tool that I am profusely using – Awesome Screenshot.

Awesome Screenshot is a one stop shop for taking screen-shots and editing them, and it is conveniently crouching in your Chrome Browser. It’s a must have extension, especially if you are a blogger like me.

Use Social Translate To Translate Tweets

Social Networking sites has made this world a small place to live in. Sitting here in India you can find out what a person in France is doing, just by following him on Twitter or Facebook. Social Networking sites has undoubtedly removed international boundaries. But there are times when language becomes a barrier. What if […]

After the Deadline spell check for Browsers

Having a great vocabulary or a good command over the language does not mean we cannot make mistakes when it comes to writing an email or even a note. There are times, when we are not sure if about an article or general grammar rules. Then there are mistakes which creep in inadvertently. We bloggers call them typos.

After the Deadline is a great help for dealing with such issues.

Rapportive: Get details of your Gmail contacts from various sources

Social networks have really captured a lot of attention for many people to stay in touch with each other. Email still remains the most important way to pass confidential and personal information. I mean we cannot discuss a business proposal over Facebook or Orkut can we! 😛 Most people use their email address to register […]

List of 4 Chrome extensions for social bookmarking

I was never a big fan of social bookmarking before I became a blogger. I just failed to realize the importance of it. This is because before becoming a blogger I was only interested in finding things which I needed on the the internet rather than learning new things from the internet. Social Bookmarking websites […]

3 fun extensions for Chrome browser

We take browsers and their extensions very seriously but sometimes we forget in life there is room for fun. So instead of looking the them most awesome Chrome extensions for blogging or social media I thought I might as well share with you 3 great extensions which if not do anything productive might atleast put […]