[Online Tip] Stop Google from Tracking Your Data on Chrome Browser!

Google might have several online properties but the single most important one it has is obviously its search engine. Almost everyone types in keywords to search for stuff they need online. So how does Google make money? They simply show relevant text ads, which might interest you while searching. Once you click on their text […]

Get plain white simple design with all websites viewed on Chrome!

As a blogger I end up visiting several websites. Many of these are blogs. Websites are often designed with many inputs about a lot of different things. For example a blog design might put more emphasis on links, social media widgets so that readers find it more interactive. Some blogs which are niche blogs, often […]

Use Chrome Extension to Speak and Search on the Internet

Voice search is a Google Chrome extension that provides a method to search by speaking. Nowadays most of the smart phones have the ability to accept voice commands and perform actions and this experimental add-on will allow us to search by speaking out the words we want to search on the internet.