Search for Flickr images with Chrome extension

Flickr is a great website to search for images online. Many bloggers use Flickr to store screenshots but I personally like using Flickr to browse for cool photographs and images. The only issue it you have to set time out for looking up Flickr webpage and then spending some time looking for that particular cool […]

3 Useful Google Chrome Extensions for Developers

Before few days I shared 5 Google Chrome extensions for designers. Apart from making designer’s task easy there are few more extensions in Google Chrome which can make developer’s task easy too. With following Google chrome extensions you can make your designing and debugging easy with just a click. Here are 3 useful Google Chrome […]

5 Goals in FIFA World Cup 2010 geeks can hit

The FIFA World Cup 2010 is underway and I must confess that almost everyone here at rtBlogs is football crazy. Now that the World Cup is underway we have got our computer ready for the football action that will unravel over then next whole month. Here I am listing 5 things you can do to […]

Boost your Productivity with Split Screen on Google Chrome

Split Screen is an extension for google chrome that lets you browse two websites within a single tab of your browser. The extension splits your browser into two windows, where you can separately enter url’s and surf effectively. This extension can be really helpful on wide screen monitors, which will give you endless real world […]

5 Useful Google Chrome Extensions for Designers

Google chrome is one of the best browsers for designers because it provides lots of extensions to make your designing task easier. Designer have to use lots of different tools for making the design perfect but switching from one software to another can be time consuming for each and every simple task. Thus, I have […]

Scan CSS properties on any website with Chrome

A blogger starts usually with an idea he or she wants to share with others. Some of us end up writing on a Blogger platform and get wiser and migrate to WordPress. Almost every professional blogger knows a bit of code or atleast some HTML basics. CSS is obviously the most important part of your […]

Check if you can trust a website before you click on its link with WOT

As a blogger who writes about Tech, I end up visiting a lot of websites which might or might not be safe. How do I come across these website? Usually I come across them by doing some research, thanks to Google our friendly search engine. To make sure I do not click on a link […]