Google’s Music Search: One stop shop for music?

Being a fan of music across many genres I was quite excited with Google Music Search. Since I started using Google many years ago, I have always wondered if I could just type in the name of the song and could hear it online. That would be like going to music heaven. Google Music search […]

Google Social Search: Information from your social circuit

A few days ago I wrote about how Bing Twitter was available for people to use the Bing search engine to look up tweets from Twitter on a particular word. I ended the article say Google cannot be far behind and Google announced through its blog the availability of Social Search within days. It is […]

Saving and organizing search information with Google Squared.

Most people who use Google are quite happy to type in keywords and get random information. But how does one get information which is slightly complex in nature and not necessarily a single result. For instance comparing information on India cities. Using the normal Google search engine I could get links to various websites with […]

Free Listing in Google Local Business Center

It is said over 82% people search Google for local information. Google is now allowing Free Listing for your local business with ‘Google Local Business Center’ If you get listed it allows free insights on how people have discovered you business including what people are searching prior to seeing your business listing on Google Search […]

How to use Wonderwheel with Google Search

Its been a few days since Google has made its new search engine architecture open to public. It’s codenamed ‘Caffeine’. There are already a couple of posts about Google Caffeine on DW. One was posted by Akshay and the other by your’s truly 🙂 Yesterday I started to fool around with Google Caffeine again trying […]