Bing leaps past Yahoo, takes the Number 2 slot!

Yahoo will be disappointed and Google alarmed! But for all you Bing lovers and Microsoft, here’s a piece of good news.

According to StatCounter Global Stats (an Internet research firm that tracks page loads) Bing has surpassed Yahoo search in its very first week! This brings Bing in the market with a bang at number 2 slot on the list of top search engines worldwide.

Bing ad picks on Google for the collapse of the US economy

Microsoft Bing’s bling advertising kicked off yesterday playing “emotional” and blaming the futile online searching for the collapse of the US economy. The ad implied that the US was so lost and confused in fruitless online search results and links that they failed the notice that the economic system was collapsing.

Optimize your website with Microsoft’s IIS SEO Toolkit

Now you could optimize your website for search using Microsoft’s newly launched Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Toolkit. The beta version of their Internet Information Services (IIS) SEO Toolkit has been released as part of the Microsoft Web Platform. It allows sites running on IIS to perform an in-depth SEO analysis of websites and identify and rectify any issues found.

Microsoft to Launch Windows 7 on October 22

Software giant Microsoft has finally announced that their latest version of Windows OS- Windows 7 will be available at stores in the US starting October 22, 2009, ahead of all expectations. Microsoft had earlier mentioned that it expected Windows 7 to come out “within three years of Windows Vista.” This would have meant early 2010. […]

Microsoft “Bings” It On Early!

The fancy looking Bing was quietly released to the public on Monday, two days earlier than expected. At the first look of it, I found the interface really colorful, attractive and classy. Although some quick searches delivers results similar to Google, there are some added features on Bing as well, that are yet to be seen on Google.

Microsoft’s new search engine ‘Bing’ coming soon with a Bang!

In the past several months, Microsoft has been trying to revamp its search engine to counter the dominance of Google. Microsoft’s underground “secret-testing” of the new search engine, code-named “Kumo” will be introduced in the market re-named as BING! The service will be available at Microsoft is calling its new product a “decision engine,” […]

3-months FREE Panda Internet Security 2009 for Windows!

Panda Security has recently collaborated with Microsoft’s IT security campaign “Protect Your PC”. In this campaign Panda Security is giving out an exclusive gift for all the Windows users which is a 3-months FREE Panda Internet Security 2009 with no obligations.