Check How Secure Your Password is with Microsoft Tool

Passwords are an important part of our online life. They are the keys to our online homes and it is important to make sure we do not misplace them or allow them to fall into the hands of untrustworthy people. I have different passwords for different services and often use LastPass to manage my passwords […]

Do you Like Microsoft’s new logo for Windows 8?

Logos are probably the most important identity of a brand. That is why even when companies change their logo, they do not opt for a complete break from the past. As you might know the Microsoft is busy building Windows 8, which might show up on tablets, mobile phones and PCs later this year. Microsoft […]

Microsoft Security Update Tagged as Malware!

Last year, a security update from Microsoft tagged Chrome as ‘Malware’. It did cause trouble for some Chrome users, who had to re-install their browser and that probably set some people wondering if Microsoft was upto some mischief. Microsoft has done it again now, by tagging as a Malware in a February 2012 update. […]

Windows 8 to Allows Users to Sign-In with Picture Passwords!

When using a laptop or a desktop, signing into your computer after the screen is locked is mostly done with keyboards. But the same cannot be said about touch screens. Apple worked around this problem with its now famous, slider unlock feature. Windows 8 will be used on tablets, PCs, laptops and even phones. So […]

Nokia Launches Lumia 800 in India: Runs on Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango)

Today, Nokia launched the Lumia 800 in India. Lumia 800 runs on Windows 7.5 (Mango) OS. The phone looks quite adorable but more interesting part of this story would probably be how Microsoft and Nokia evolve together in the mobile market. Nokia has lost out big time in the smartphone market and these phones should be the starting point for […]

Microsoft Tags Chrome as ‘Malware’: Honest Mistake or Playing Dirty?

I like using Microsoft Security Essentials – mainly because it is a good enough anti-virus and added incentive is that it is free. Recently, Microsoft Security Essentials had started ‘mistakenly’ identifying Google Chrome as ‘Malware’. This meant some users with Microsoft Security Essentials, got a rude shock with their Chrome browser being removed. Did Microsoft […]

Windows 8 to Allow Login with Windows Live ID

Windows 8 seems to have ringed in a few small changes which will make it truly a great OS, which might take some doing after the very successful Windows 7. One issue that lately has caught a lot of traction, is storing of information on the cloud. For example, I can easily sync my Chrome […]

[Infographic] Bill Gates vs Steve Jobs

The information technology world has been pretty much shaped by two industry giants. Bill Gates the man behind Microsoft and Steve Jobs the man behind Apple. Both have been often pitted against each other, very much like their respective companies have been. A few months ago we featured an infographic on Microsoft Vs. Apple. Now […]

Bing Introduces Video Background: Is it a Publicity Stunt!

One of the best innovations from Bing was to have an image as background on its homepage for search. Bing now has gone a bit further and introduced a video that plays in the background of the search homepage. Users from the United States will be able to see this video background for If you […]