Windows 8 Will Change The Way Copy-Paste is Done! [Video]

If you are using Windows 7, there is a good chance that while copy-pasting files from one folder to another, there may be two files with similar names. Considering copy-paste is one of the most used commands on any platform, Windows 8 tries to change the way people will approach copy-paste jobs. With Windows 7, […]

Email Wars: Now Microsoft Pokes Fun at Gmail’s Ads

Yesterday, I wrote a post on how Gmail was hinting that email services like Hotmail were old-fashioned. Microsoft not to be outdone, has also poked fun at Gmail. The point it makes is that Gmail scans through your email contents, which is comparable to the mailman looking through your letters. According to ZDNet, the leaked […]

[Infographic] Microsoft vs Apple: History of the Computer Giants!

Microsoft and Apple have both, defined the world of computers in the past couple of decades. Both, were new start-ups and when compared to IBM, no one gave much of a chance to either company. The two companies not only have managed to race ahead of any other tech companies over the years but have […]