Facebook is removing ‘Reviews’ and ‘Discussions’ tabs from pages

This is an important update for Facebook page admins as well as normals users who like to interact with a brand or product or even their favorite artist using Facebook pages. Facebook started removing ‘Reviews’ and ‘Discussions’ tabs from its page’s sidebar and will completely stop showing them by October 31st 2011. On a Facebook […]

Facebook sued again for tracking logged out users

Once again Facebook Inc. got sued for invading user privacy. This time a group of people sued Facebook for tracking its users even after logging out of Facebook.com. Generally when a user logs out of a website, that website automatically deletes it’s tracking cookies. but what Facebook was doing is to modify those tracking cookies […]

Anna Hazare’s official Blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts

“Anna Hazare”, one of the most trending and discussed topic of 2011 is going to be more interesting now as the Famous man himself joined the most popular social networking website Facebook and micro-blogging site Twitter. He also launched two of his blogs on blogger and wordpress each in order to reach as many Indians […]

100 SMS per day limit from today for Indian cellular users

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) introduced something unusual in order to control spam SMSes and calls you got from different telemarketing firms. Rather than limiting these firms SMS limits they put a limit to every cellular user in India that no one can send more than 100 SMS per day for prepaid users and […]

6 Recent changes in Facebook and purpose of launching them

Facebook recently changed lots of stuff on user profiles. As usual people do not like these changes due to the same reason, that is these changes are confusing and users are not habitual of them. Let’s tell you everything about these changes and what’s the use and purpose of launching them. Sticky bar at the […]

Facebook introduces new ‘Smart’ Friends Lists

Facebook is doing a major change in its present feature of Friend Lists, currently an unpopular feature which is used by very few Facebook users only. The reason why Friend Lists feature is not used my many users is just because its quite boring and time consuming to create a list and update it. So […]