Create RSS Feeds of your Favorited Tweets!

Twitter seems to be a continous stream of information and it is rather difficult to keep track of some important tweets that you liked or would like to get back to at a later time. One way to keep track of an important tweet is to favorite it. This way you can get back to […]

Backup your Instagram Photos to Your Computer

Instagram has been a hot topic over the last couple of weeks. First added a lot more fans by becoming available on Android. That part was followed up by Facebook acquiring Instagram. Not all fans of Instagram are happy about Facebook acquiring the company as they fear that Facebook will kill Instagrams independence and turn […]

Get a Snapshot of Your Social Media Life from Exactly a Year Ago

Today, exactly a year ago the Indian Cricket team won the World Cup. I thought about that glorious day from a year ago and wondered what sort of social update or photos did I share a year ago? Searching for your Tweets, Facebook updates or photos shared on Instagram can be tedious if not downright […]

Create Infographic Styled Resumes with Information from Facebook/Linkedin

Yesterday, I wrote about an online tool that can help you improve your resume by grading it and also giving additional tips.┬áRecently, you might have come across very creative resumes which are designed like an infographic. ResumUp is a website that allows users to create an infographic styled resume from data taken from your LinkedIn […]

TIP – Check How Good Your Resume is with Online Tool

Fresh out of college when I started job hunting, I found out was that I was completely clueless on how to go about writing my Resume. I wish I had something like RezScore back then which is a free online tool that grades your Resume and gives suggestions on how to improve it. RezScore Features […]

Google Tool to Check Your Website’s Performance on a Mobile Phone

If you own a website, it is important to take into account how your website would be displayed on a mobile platform. Over the past few years, usage of mobile phones and tablet devices has grown manifold. For instance if even 20% of your readers view your website on a mobile device, then it is […]

Check How Secure Your Password is with Microsoft Tool

Passwords are an important part of our online life. They are the keys to our online homes and it is important to make sure we do not misplace them or allow them to fall into the hands of untrustworthy people. I have different passwords for different services and often use LastPass to manage my passwords […]

Schedule Your Emails on Gmail and Google Apps [Right Inbox]

I like to check different email accounts at different times. Most times we do not need to schedule emails but sometimes it makes sense to schedule an email for wishing someone on birthdays or anniversaries. It can also be used to set a reminder email, that reminds you about a particular task in a few […]