[New Feature] View Google Related Links while Looking Up a Webpage!

Google is ramping up it’s search service big time. Recently it introduced Google+ posts being included in social search results. Now it has added a new feature called Google Related. This is a new feature which shows Google related links to any page that you are viewing. This means if you are looking up a […]

[$12.5 Billion] Google Buys Motorola to Power Android!

Google has recently announced that it has acquired the mobile maker Motorola. This acquisition is valued at $12.5 billion. Google has bought Motorola with an eye towards powering Android. I guess they feel having a mobile manufacturer in their portfolio would make them less reliant on other manufacturers. Here is a quote from Google’s blog […]

Email Wars: Now Microsoft Pokes Fun at Gmail’s Ads

Yesterday, I wrote a post on how Gmail was hinting that email services like Hotmail were old-fashioned. Microsoft not to be outdone, has also poked fun at Gmail. The point it makes is that Gmail scans through your email contents, which is comparable to the mailman looking through your letters. According to ZDNet, the leaked […]

Gmail Hints That Hotmail, AOL and Yahoo Are Outdated!

The latest public relations push by Gmail is called ‘Email Intervention’. If you visit your Gmail login page, it will show up a new feature asking users to ‘Save their friends from outdated email’. 🙂 Google is looking to tap into peer pressure from it’s happy users, to get their friends using other email services […]

Boot to Gecko: Mozilla’s New Operating System!

Mozilla has plans to build a new open sourced OS for the open-web. This OS project has been named Boot to Gecko. The operating system will be yet another new platform in the already over crowded mobile platform market. Boot to Gecko will be obviously looked upon as a competitor to Android as both will […]

Google Toolbar to be Dumped! Joins Casualty List with Google Labs

Yesterday, I wrote on how Google is prioritising their focus on Google Plus by culling some not so popular or productive projects. Google Labs will soon be shutdown and it will be joined by Google Toolbar. What is surprising about this announcement, is that Google Toolbar has a few fans out there. Google maintains that […]

[Alert] Google Search Page to Warn Users Against Malware

Google found out recently, they received some unusual search traffic. On investigating it further they realised that it was because of malware which infected computers, sends traffic to Google through a number of proxies. To combat it, Google is proactively showing an alert to affected users (like the image below). This will warn users to […]