Things you may not know Gmail can do!

gmail-logo1 Gmail is a power packed email client which not only allows you to send normal emails but you can do many more things with it. Though only in its beta phase it performs much better than the regular emails services and clients. Recently, Gmail developers integrated video chat along side the normal text chat system which has taken Gmail to a whole new level. In this post lets explore the uncharted features you can use for both personal and professional benefits.

  • Gmail Themes: This is surely one of the exciting features that you would love to work with. Gmail recently unveiled  set of 30 fresh and new themes for users to choose that can totally revamp the looks of your Gmail inbox. For computer geeks it has a digitized green background while for an education evangelist it has a light brown book theme. To explore themes of you interest simply go to the themes tab of Gmail or read this detailed article about Gmail Themes.
  • Gmail Any Gadget Import: Whether you are techie or researcher or a professional blogger. Gmail ‘Add Any Gadget’ is one of the best features you would like to use. Now you don’t need to use iGoogle or other things, you can have maximum functionality in one Gmail page. Say you like twitter, but it is blocked in office or you don’t have time to access separate twitter login. No worries Just import Twitter Gadget. Voila! Twitter is in Gmail. 🙂 Another important Gmail gadget you may like to use is URL shortening gadget that will help you shorten long URL from within Gmail Inbox.
  • Gmail Tasks Manager: Launched just few days back in Dec, 2008 by Google team, this application of task management has taken Gmail to an exemplary level. The light weight task manager is a killer application which may fail thousands of to do list managers. With a single key you can set your tasks to be done as well set a ‘to-do list’ for emails. To use it, just go to settings then march towards ‘labs’ tab. Enable ‘Tasks’ to help you keep track of what you need to do and what you’ve already done. Here is a complete guide on Gmail tasks.

Added by Editor: Except the above mentioned 3 best unexplored features of Gmail, there are several other advantages that keeps other Email service providers behind in the race. Some of the other unique Gmail features that you may not be aware of, are – Mail Filtering Options, Labels, Sending mails using your official identity/ Company’s identity, Forwarding all incoming mails, automatically forwarding selected mails using filter options,  embedded chat option, automatically saving all your chat sessions, etc.


alok_chaudhari February 4, 2009

opps ypu missed out some very popular features like integrating your pop3 account with gmail and tons of others……….

Manpreet Singh February 4, 2009

@ alok..thanks for pointing out..but we did this post to cite basic, interesting and new features of Gmail..Pop3 and all are too old school to include I guess

alok February 5, 2009

but i guess a large portion of people and gmail users aren’t aware of it.

Deepak Jain February 9, 2009

@ alok
Yea. And that is why this post was being posted, to open the eyes of Gmail users 😉