Share pictures, video and more with Facebook chat

Today I came across a great Facebook app which allowed me to chat without any clutter on my profile page rather than have all the chat contacts scrambled and listed on the right hand corner of my browser.

The Application is called Neat Chat and allows you to create chat rooms and also share files online without any confusion and seamlessly with your friends on Facebook.

I tried out Neat Chat and could also book mark it to my profile. (see image below)

This sort of Chat client is ideal for Facebook groups which are common interest and you can upload files for all of them from the chat application.

Do try out Neat Chat and let me know what you think about it? Do drop in your comments. 🙂


Mani Viswanathan May 1, 2010

Wow this app can be used as a conf too..thanks gr8 share buddy!

Aditya Kane May 4, 2010

Yes it can be used for conference too.. you are welcome, 🙂

Jeff Pinkham May 23, 2010

Which wall application do you recommend ?