Looking for a Free Online Photo Editor?

picnikHave you ever been to picnik.com? It happens to be one of my favorite online photo editing sites. It’s well organized and very easy to use, and performs many of the tasks that most of us would expect a good photo editor to do.

When you are short on time and can’t afford to sit and spend hours editing your photo albums before sharing them with your friends, picnik.com comes well in handy and gives you quick, **yet **fine results. And moreover, it’s fun to use!

Its features:

Of course, it is not as high-end as Photoshop, but you can perform most common tasks like-

  1. Auto-Fix the image in just a click
  2. Fine tune results with Picnik’s advanced options
  3. Rotate, Crop and Resize
  4. Change the exposure
  5. Modify colors by changing the warmth, saturation, and the white balance.
  6. Sharpen more
  7. Correct red-eye
  8. Add special effects, from artsy to fun
  9. Add jazzy text fonts to the image using their type tool
  10. Add various shapes in the form of stickers and frames to liven up the image
  11. Perform unlimited Undo’s, and more…

Striking stuff…

Picnik allows you to upload images not only from your computer, but also from:

  1. Facebook, Flickr, My Space, Photobuckt, Picasa, Web Albums, and more.
  2. You could even upload a picture from your Web Cam.
  3. It works on Mac, Windows, and Linux!

So, will it cost me?

Unless you don’t want to upgrade to its Premium version, Picnik is absolutely FREE!
The Premium Upgrade would cost you $24.95 a year, which is approximately 2 bucks a month.

Altogether, this site is quite impressive. Not just for fun alone, this photo editing tool will also give you excellent results in no time at all. See for yourself.

Link: picnik

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