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Compare Bing VS Google Search Results: BingItOn

BingItOn: Compare Bing vs Google

Microsoft has a neat little web tool, that allow users to compare the results between its own Bing search engine and Google. The site is aptly named BingItOn.com. In other words, its a challenge by Bing to Google. It is suggesting that people are using Google not because it has superior results but because it […]

Restrict Google Country Specific Redirection Page


Google redirects their homepage to a country specific domain based on the user’s IP address. For example, if I am in India and type in Google.com, I am automatically redirected to Google.co.in. While this is a very useful feature, especially while carrying out a local search, it is desirable to shift to Google.com page and […]

Google Introduces Scientific Calculator on its Search Page

Google's Scientific Calculator

Google has many search tricks up its sleeve. For instance we use it as a calculator or even a unit converter. Google has recently updated both its calculator and unit converter to make it more interactive. All you need to do to launch it is type in “2+2” on its search bar to fire up the new scientific […]

Bing partners Britannica Encyclopedia to create its own Knowledge Graph

Bing Search with Britannica results

Bing has announced a partnership with Britannica Encyclopedia, to give more relevant information for certain search queries in the search page itself. This means using Bing, I could quickly find out some simple details about certain famous people or even certain things like a plant, animal or place. This sounds a lot like Knowledge Graph […]

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