ClearLock: Lock Your Computer Without Hiding Active Screen

As the name suggests, ClearLock is pretty much clear about its role, ‘Lock’ your computer with no difference after it’s locked. Let’s see what difference it’s going to bring after all.

DW clearlock_3

ClearLock is an easy way to lock access to your computer (though Geeks may bypass it easily :P) even while your active screen will be visible in a translucent shade. However it’s not a mechanism to protect your computer completely.

My Personal Experience


My personal experience with ClearLock has been great till now, I have used it for the past few months now and felt no major bugs. Once you leave your computer to rest, the active box (as below) disappears in few seconds but appears immediately you even move your mouse or press a key.

To make ClearLock experience more wonderful, I have assigned a Windows shortcut (F11) after placing the application shortcut on my desktop. This ensures just the press of a button lock my Digital buddy immediately and I can rush anywhere in a second!


DW clearlock_1

How to set/change the Password?

The first time you run ClearLock, a window appears which asks you to enter a fresh password and confirm it (like the one given below). Once you are done, the next time the same window would appear only after you delete the .ini (configuration) file from the same location where your ClearLock.exe is kept.

DW clearlock_2

Please note that ClearLock comes as a single executable file and hence you can keep it anywhere on your computer, though a writable location only.

I hope this article helps you in the same way as I have always tried for before. Do post your thoughts, comments and suggestions using the white-box below. 🙂

Link: Download ClearLock


[Mobile] Acer Liquid Metal priced at Rs. 20,000/- in India!

Definitely Acer laptops are being recognized everywhere for their built-quality, and what comes next in the series is a smartphone from the company – Acer Liquid Mt (Metal). If you remember well, DELL  – a computer manufacturer like Acer too entered the booming Smartphone market in India last year June 2010.

DW AcerLiquidMetal_2


  • Processor: 800 MHz Qualcomm
  • Display: 3.6-inch TFT with 16 million colours
  • Battery: upto 8 hours of talk time (1500 mAh battery)
  • Operating System: Android 2.2 (Froyo)
  • Camera: 5 MP, auto focus and LED flash
  • Video: HD Recording in 720p (30 fps)
  • Memory: 8 GB Micro SD included (upto 32 GB)
  • Others: Push Mail, Dolby Surround technology, Top LED indicator, GPS

The smartphone being launched just a week back, prices may vary in different parts of India. However what I could find out was that it may not exceed Rs. 20,000/- in retail.

DW AcerLiquidMetal_1

Do let me know your through your comments your views about the new Acer Liquid Metal. Would you buy one? 

Link: Acer Liquid Metal


Opera Mini 6 and Opera Mobile 11 to Launch Next Week!

If you are a smartphone user, probably I don’t need to tell you much about Opera’s popularity. For those who are not aware, Opera Mini and Opera Mobile are, the world’s most popular mobile browsers and are available for almost every platform.

DW opera11

The new launches by Opera Software will be:

Opera Mini 6: BlackBerry, Android, Series 60/Symbian and J2ME phones


Opera Mobile 11: Android, Windows 7, Symbian and MeeGo phones
There is another news in the air that even an Opera Mini preview to be released for iPhone and iPad users.

CTIA 2011: Opera Release

Venue: Orange County Convention Center [Orlando, Florida]

Dates: March 21- 24 , 2011

Here is a demonstrating Opera Mini 5.

I know you all must be using Opera especially if you are a Smartphone user. Though I am not sure if Android buddies too use it, do you? Do post your comments.

Source: Opera Press Release


[IE9 Launched] Last chance for Microsoft to save Internet Explorer!

No RC, no beta this time; finally I did get to download Internet Explorer 9. In my article “Internet Explorer awaiting launch on March 14th!” I had mentioned about a launch party at SXSW in Texas.

Finally IE9 was made available to all throughout the World in 39 languages by Dean Hachamovitch (Corporate Vice President of Internet Explorer) since March 14, 9 PM (PST).

With more than 40 million downloads for the pre-release versions, Microsoft has been excited about this launch.

But, is IE9 really going to prove to be a winner? Despite all the claims of IE9 being the best browser around, Microsoft must be knowing that if they do not get IE9 right, it will pretty much end Internet Explorer for good. This is literally the last roll of dice for Internet Explorer.


On one hand IE9 claims drastic improvements over previous versions, while on the other hand it still lacks the edge!

Some positive signs for IE9!

The main positive sign for IE9 seems to be that it has been appreciated quite a bit by many users. Also Internet Explorer’s fate seems to be tied to Windows OS versions. We saw IE7 bomb, thanks to Vista being not such a popular OS. IE8 was more successful thanks to Windows 7 doing quite well. IE9 and its success might finally depend on the success of the next Windows version.

Internet Explorer 9 launch video

Do post your valuable comments and thoughts whether IE9 is seriously going the leading way or just another pitfall for Microsoft!

Link: Download IE 9


Nokia E7 booking finally starts in India!

I must remind of you about the highly publicized Nokia E7 in the recent few months. Even I had many people asking constantly about the launch date and finally I can answer them now.

Just to remind you Nokia E7 is an advanced phone equipped with a 8 MP camera and 16GB internal memory. You just need to visit the Nokia E7 official website and fill up the online form which looks as given below.


DW e7prebook_1

You can select the nearest Priority Dealer in your city and should get a call within 24 hours. Post this, you just need to deposit Rs. 3000 to secure your new Nokia E7, if you are satisfied with the offer. The process has been kept quite easy and hence does not need any explanation.


Book quickly if you were just waiting for the E7 to arrive, and please do comment on your experiences with booking and obviously with E7 🙂

Link: Book Nokia E7


Gmail Enhances PC 2 Phone calling!

While it was interesting to go through the Gmail Official blog update about a new feature introduced for PC-to-Phone calling in Gmail, trying it out myself in India resulted in a mere “nothing”.

This feature is presently available only to Gmail users based in the USA however I have seen the feature a few times on my Gmail too. Mystery remains unrevealed!!



An introductory Gmail PC-to-Phone Video

New Features

Coming to the point as the official blog said, there are 2 features added.

  • Users will no longer need to type a phone number if they have it in a conversation in their Inbox.

DW gmailcalling_2

Clicking the linked number in your conversation will open your dial-pad populated with that number.

DW gmailcalling_1

  • You will also see a little green colour phone icon next to phone numbers stored with your Contacts.

DW gmailcalling_3

My Experience

I know I live in India and still nothing as such will work for users in India, though I would still like to share my screen with you.

DW gmailcalling_4

I have hidden parts of the address/phone number for privacy reasons

As you can all see, there was no link appearing on the phone number above. Though I strongly wish to see a link appearing soon, what you all have to say on that? Do share your thoughts with me! 🙂

Source: Gmail Official Blog


Microsoft pays Nokia $1 Billion to keep it away from Android!

DW nokia_microsoft_3The world and even you know that Nokia is now with Microsoft, strange but true! What comes more amazingly is the unique deal Microsoft has signed with Nokia to keep competitors away. It may give the Mobile phone market an entire re-direction!


Now coming over to the deal gossip, what’s important here is that Microsoft just paid over US$ 1 billion to Nokia Corporation to bid a deal with them.

The company says it is just a part of the promotion and development fee it is paying to the latter. However it can be also considered as a cold cash paid to avoid Google’s bulge in the deal.


What does Nokia do in return?

What is Nokia going to do in return is something interesting, a fee for each copy of the Mobile OS it uses on its devices. Interesting, isn’t?


DW nokia_microsoft_2


Now what everyone is waiting for the kind of devices Nokia brings out in the market and whether it will be a true competitor to Google’s Android! Because after a billion dollars I am sure Nokia will be not tempted to go with Android for any of their smart phones.

LINK: Strategy Document of Nokia + Microsoft


FoxGuide: Get Photoshop like Guides inside your Firefox browser

I know it’s pretty uncomfortable going back to Photoshop repeatedly to use the ‘guide’ to see if you have alignments in place. And then thinks a developer who comes out with a Firefox add-on “FoxGuide”. But what to do if you need to use guides easily while looking at the preview of your design in Mozilla Firefox, FoxGuide comes to rescue.

FoxGuide displays horizontal and vertical lines on your web pages exactly like in Photoshop. You can move the lines and even remove them pretty easily just the way it is done in Photoshop. Hence FoxGuide let you organize different objects on your web page easily and give a  better feel.


DW foxguide1


Features at a glance

  • Guides for a particular page are restored automatically even after you close the tab / browser.
  • Transparency of the ruler and guide colour are adjustable.
  • The 10000 pixels long rulers make sure you don’t fall short of it.

DW foxguide2


Link: FoxGuide


Tweet viewer virus short-link attracts 15700+ clicks!

No one generally doubts the tendency of Internet users today being so desperate to check who all have checked out their profile(s) on Facebook and Twitter. With Facebook already slow in removing spam applications which claims to let users check how many times their profile has been visited, Twitter managed to block this viral URL just in a day.


DW twittervirus_2

With tweets like “Wow! You can see WHO VISITS your TWITTER profile. That’s cool!  🙂 “ followed by the url, spammers did try to attract the attention of the already crazy users and they did receive some success with over 15700 clicks in just a day. Even if the link has been blocked, the tweet virus can still use different short URL services (See where shortened URLs redirect you).


DW twittervirus_1

Revoke access to application

In case you have still not done this, go to your account Settings –> Connections –> Revoke Access and revoke this application’s access immediately.


DW twittervirus_3

Do drop in your comments.


12% of the World still uses Microsoft Internet Explorer 6!

Yes, it is official and no one else than Microsoft made it official. 10 years and now Internet Explorer 6 will no more be officially supported by the company. And guess what, Microsoft is too happy to bring IE9 to people worldwide.



As in Feb 2011, the usage of IE6 stands at 12% of the world total. If we hold our looks towards the Chinese percentage, it’s a rocking 34.5% followed by South Korea where about 25% people still use Internet Explorer 6. Isn’t that surprising?



DW ie6close_2


It is quite surprising that Microsoft is promoting it’s new Internet Explorer 9 by creating a bad word about Internet Explorer 6. Microsoft through it’s dedicated website wants to bring the IE6 usage to less than even 1%. I have seen no other company doing so in the past, probably Microsoft is all about creating a difference Winking smile


DW ie6close_1


LINK: The IE6 Countdown