KeepMeOut – Simple tool to manage online addiction

We are often addicted to certain sites. For me I guess it is Facebook and YouTube. I have links to them on my bookmark and sometimes end up on those websites far more than I should be. 😛

If you are someone like me, who works on the internet and will have access to all sites which might be considered slightly unproductive, you should look up KeepMeOut.

KeepMeOut Features

  • Just visit the website, type in the URL of the website you want to avoid visiting.
  • The default time it blocks a website is 60 minutes but I could customize to less or more.
  • After this, we get a URL. Just drag and drop it to your bookmarks. Best to rename it to the name of the website.
  • Now once you click on the bookmark, it will not allow you to visit that website for the time you have set for yourself.

I found this quite useful to bring about some self-discipline in my surfing habits. We can still visit the website we want from a different browser or even typing in the URL in the address bar. It is not really a blocking tool but more like a self-help tool.

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Link: KeepMeOut


PC February 13, 2011

nice article
thnks for sharing
lets see it it can keep me offline 😀

Aditya Kane February 14, 2011

Hope it helps! 🙂