[Infographic] How Mobile Apps Compare: Android vs iOS

Increasingly the fight for who controls smart-phones the world over, has become iOS (Apple) vs. Android (Google). This is because more than specifications of a phone, apps have become more important. Apps make mobiles phones more personal and people tend to not migrate from one platform to another if they are hooked on to apps […]

Apps & Oranges – An App Directory That You Can Edit

Being an app junkie, I like trying new apps, in fact I’m writing this using Live Writer even though I could use WordPress’ default editor, because I prefer desktop apps. Apps & Oranges is a new software directory which aims to best permanent destination of apps. Features of Apps & Oranges Apps & Oranges is […]

Disable third party apps from your Twitter account

Twitter recently announced that 3rd party applications will no longer be allowed to store your user-name and passwords. Even though applications will not save the password, it can still be used to access your Twitter account even if you change the password.

Here are some steps to help you revoke access to 3rd party applications from your Twitter Account.

Sorority Life tips and tricks

Facebook’s Sorority Life is a very popular game.Created by playdom in 2008, the multi-player game now has more than 5 million users. Sorority Life is a game in which players(generally girls) form their sorority . Players earn points by asking other Sorority sisters to join their house (Sorority), work at a job, socializing and take […]