Fix Facebook Chat by Showing Only Online Friends [Chrome]

Using Facebook’s chat feature on the browser can be frustrating. Facebook has not really made things easy by having a ticker showing up  along with the friends you can chat with at the sidebar. These were the changes Facebook ringed in a few months ago. Facebook also does not show only your online friends by also […]

Check AdSense Earnings Quickly with Chrome Toolbar

If you are running a blog which displays text Ads, then chances are you are using AdSense to monetize. I know many bloggers who check their AdSense earning everyday to carry out their future plans. There are many unofficial AdSense Add-ons and other tools but Google has recently rolled out an official extension. This extension […]

Customize Every Pixel of a QR code with QRhacker

If you’re bored of the same black and white QR codes and want something customizable, QRhacker is all you need. There are many apps to make QR codes, but that’s just boring, enter QRhacker – A new way to make customized and personalized QR codes. Here’s a QR code I made, which links to Devils’ […]

Google+ Gets Integrated with YouTube and Chrome

While Facebook, might be struggling to roll out it’s radically new layout called Timelines, its rival Google+ is ruthlessly churning out new updates and features. The latest one Google+ getting supports for notifications and sharing on Chrome browser. Look up these Chrome extensions which allow sharing and getting notifications form Google+ quite easily. The fact […]

Chrome Web Store Gets New Design to Improve User Experience

Being a Chrome junkie, I often check new apps and extensions at the Chrome Web store. Like everyday, I checked Chrome Webstore today and what I’ve noticed is, it has got a clean redesign, probably built heavily on HTML5 (as web store does not have to support older browsers). 🙂 The homepage now features best […]