efTwo Replaces Chrome’s ‘find on page’ with a Powerful Keyword Finder

Chrome’s ‘find on page’ let’s you find the words on any webpage but it’s not at all feature rich. You can’t get the position of the word unless and until you type the exact word (capitalization doesn’t matter). efTwo (F2) is Chrome extension which replaces ‘find on page’ with a reliable keyword finder. Features of […]

Take Notes While Browsing on Chrome with SyncPad

I love Simplenote, especially its simplicity which Evernote, Springpad and other popular note taking apps lack. As I spend most of my time on the browser, I like to have extensions of the apps which I use the most. SyncPad for Simplenote and SyncPad Webnotes are two extensions for Chrome which ease the task of […]

5 Offline Games Worth Checking out on Chrome

Chrome is my favorite browser. Its clean user-interface, speed, instant page loading, a lots of apps and extension etc make it a browser to reckon with. Chrome Apps give a different angle to the browser and one of my favourite ways to unwind is to play games on Chrome. I am sharing 5 games that […]

Move Photos from Facebook Albums to Picasa using Chrome Extension

Personallly I never really liked Facebook, but because all my friends are on it, I caved in and got myself an account. This also meant that when it came to sharing photos with friends, I chose Facebook. Now we have Google+ which I have started to like a lot. I wanted to move all my […]

Share Google+ posts and updates on Facebook and Twitter

Google Plus has been around for a couple of days and it being still a little too exclusive, which has meant that a lot of my friend on Twitter and Facebook cannot be found on Google+. Also services like Hootsuite and Digsby which are useful for managing and sharing updates across two or three different […]

5 Chrome Omnibar Tips for Better Productivity

One of the best features Firefox is missing when compared to Chrome is the Omnibar. This innovative feature is not available in any of the major browsers. You may just think that Omnibar is Address bar + Search engine, but it’s a lot more than that! You can use it for complex calculations, unit conversions, […]