It’s Official! Apple has defeated Microsoft

Last year, Apple overtook Microsoft’s market capitalization. This mean Apple was now a the larger company when it came to stock prices. Microsoft at that time had higher revenues but Apple in a few months had even overtaken those revenues. Microsoft could boast that they had higher profits but even that claim has taken a […]

[Windows 7] Get Help from Microsoft While Choosing New PC or Laptop

Most people have a tough time deciding on which computer suits their needs the best. First the decision is on if you want to buy a laptop or a desktop PC. If it is a laptop then should you go for a netbook or something else? If someone recommends a particular brand, you will get […]

Hotmail Attacks Yahoo to Encourage Users to Move!

We might have lost some interest in the browser wars and the continuous comparisons between Interne Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. There are new battle lines being drawn on the internet. This time it is email services. Hotmail the world’s leading email service provider has launched a new webpage specifically targeting Yahoo users to move to […]

[Privacy] Hotmail Disables HTTPS for Accounts From Certain Regions!

Recently, there is a lot written about email accounts being hacked by governments. Last year the same happened in China for certain Gmail users. Google hit back by allowing HTTPS for all Gmail accounts by default. This added security has now become the norm and almost all email providers allow HTTPS access by default. Hotmail […]

Microsoft partners Nokia: Is it a Marriage of Convenience!

In a post yesterday by Pratik Parekh, he discussed the potential rumor of Microsoft buying Nokia or RIM. Today Microsoft announced that it is partnering with Nokia.  This was news that was not exactly shocking or surprising and most people were already discussing it a lot around the web. Microsoft – Nokia partnership! It seems […]

Create Temporary Alias Email Address with Hotmail

Many years ago my primary email address was from Hotmail. Then I got an invited to use Gmail by a friend. From then on I pretty much stopped using my Hotmail account. The great plus point with Gmail was that it hardly had no spam. My Hotmail account was increasingly spammed and frankly I never […]