Online Tool to Help You Pronounce Names Correctly with Audio Files

The internet has brought the world closer. Today I have friends who are from different countries and different cultures. Usually with my friends in Europe or the US, I do not have any issues communicating with them, because English being a common language. But my name is not common and explaining someone how to exactly pronounce my name gets a little tedious.

Indian names often cannot be pronounced properly by people who speak only the English language. Pronouce Names is a online tool that helps users break down the names and also listen in to a audio file with the correct pronunciation.

Just search for a name you want to correctly pronounce. The result is usually with the name broken down into sounds.

Most names also have the option of listening to a audio file to listen to the name being pronounced correctly.


In case your name does not figure with an explanation and audio file, you can give the correct explanation and also submit a audio file. This way anyone can contribute to names being pronounced correctly.

Best part of this website is, it is also available as a mobile app on Android.:-)

I checked for similar pronunciations of names in Google Translate but they sounded a little robotic. Also Google translate does not always do a good job with names which can sometimes be pronounced differently in different places and both pronunciations are valid.

Try out Pronounce Names and drop in your comments.

Link: Pronounce Names | Android App


Online Tool to Quickly Create Terms of Service for Your Website

Creating websites on WordPress and having your personal domain is get a lot more easier than before. But most users are not aware of creating a ‘Terms of Service’ policies. That is because we are not lawyers. TermsFeed is a online tool to create Terms of Services for your website within seconds.

Online Tool to Create Terms of Service

TermsFeeds Features

Just visit and fill in the relevant details. The details are usually the name, address of your website along with the name of your company and country of residence.


A stock terms of service text is created. It is also prepared in HTML, so users can simple copy and paste it on their website.

If you like to check more automated TOS generators check of this list.

The stock text is good for blogs or basic personal websites. If you are carrying out other services which support e-commerce transactions, it is better to get TOS drawn up by a professional.

Try out TermsFeed and drop in your comments.

Link: TermsFeed


Automatically Import Your Links from Facebook and Twitter to Delicious

I like to share a lot of link to interesting articles, images and more on my Facebook and Twitter profiles. Delicious has introduced a new feature which allows users to import links from Facebook and Twitter to Delicious account.

Import Links from Facebook Twitter to Delicious

Import Links from Facebook and Twitter to Delicious

  • Log into your Delicious account. Now click on ‘Settings’ and then ‘Sources’. If you are signed in, just visit this link.
  • Here you will have option to add a source like Facebook or Twitter for links to be imported on Delicious.
  • Usually the default tag for such links is ‘from Facebook’ or ‘from Twitter’ but you can customize it.

Once that is done, you can wait for Delicious to import all your links. This is a great way to keep track of all the links you are sharing but have not essentially bookmarked them.

Do you use any other similar automated tools? Do drop in your comments.

Link: Delicious


Online Tool to Create Facebook Cover Image with Instagram Photos

Instagram is a great photo app, which allows users to take photos from their smartphones and stylize them. On Facebook profiles, a large interesting image can occupy the top of the profile page. Such images are called cover photos.

InstaCover is an online tool that mashes the two together. It allows users to use publicly shared Instagram photos to create a collage for their Facebook cover image.

Instagram photos for Facebook Cover

InstaCover Features

Users will need to authorize their Facebook account for the app to work. This will authorize it to create and store the Facebook cover photos in an album.


Photos from Instagram can be looked up randomly or by simply with the use of a Instagram user ID. This means we can create a cover image with any publicly shared photos.

Why did’nt Facebook think of this?

When I used InstaCover, I found the idea quite neat. Instagram photos are usually full of emotional sentiment and having a collage of them as your Facebook cover seems to make sense.

As Facebook has acquired Instagram at a hefty price tag of $1 billion, I was wondering why the company is not introducing interesting ways to integrate Facebook and Instagram like for instance InstaCover.

Do try out InstaCover and drop in your comments.

Link: InstaCover


Import Meebo Chat History to

Earlier this month we wrote about Meebo the IM web chat client which was acquired by Google only to see it’s chat feature being shut down.

We had written about alternatives to Meebo, among which is probably the most popular one. Thankfully, Meebo users can download their chat logs from their Meebo accounts. has a interesting option for Meebo users, they can import their  Meebo chat logs into Just visit this link and download your meebo chat logs on your computer.

Now sign-in to your account settings icon and access your preferences.

In preferences you will be able to see the import link. Click on it and import your chat logs from Meebo.

Make sure that you have linked the same accounts on which you had linked on Meebo.

Video Demo

Here is a quick video demo by on how to go about importing meebo chat history.

Do drop in your comments.



Online Tool to Automatically Unsubscribe and Delete Email Newsletters

I am most of you have been familiar with a Inbox full of newletters. Newsletters are not necessarily spam but a lot of us sign up for a newsletter from a service and stop using the service for months or even years but the newsletter keep piling on.

Swizzle Inbox Manager is a great online tool that allows users to quickly unsubscribe from multiple newsletters emails within seconds.

Inbox Manager Features

  • Just visit and enter your email address into it.
  • Now allow it to access your email account.
  • First the online tool, scans your email account and shows you a complete list of email newsletters you can unsubscribe from.
  • Now you can click on the ones which you want to clean out.
  • There are two options, one is just to unsubscribe form the service and the other option actually deletes all previous emails from your account too.

A useful feature of this online tool is that it scans even the old emails from such services which you have unsubscribed from a long time ago. These emails can also be deleted automatically.

Until now I have always used the ‘Search’ options with my Gmail and created filters to manage my email. This online tool seems like a more easier and simpler options which does not take a lot of time.

Do drop in your comments.

Link: Swizzle Inbox Manager


Google to shut down Meebo and here are some alternatives

Popular instant messaging service Meebo to be shutdown by Google by July 11th. As you know, Meebo was aquired by Google a few days back, and now they announce that they’ll be shutting down most of Meebo services, except the Meebo bar. Google has been doing this lately, shutting down Picnik and other not so popular Google services, to concentrate more on Google+.

Update: You can download all your chat logs on Meebo from this link.

Here are a few services you can try out if you miss the Meebo messenger. All these messengers work have web clients, just like Meebo does.



In my opinion (no, that wasn’t a pun), is one of the best web-based messengers out there. They do have mobile apps supporting all the major platforms, but their web client keeps it apart from others. The web client lets you IM, video chat (also voice chat), transfer files, and even access chat history. It supports a big list of IM services, from Gtalk to Steam.


Related: Import your Meebo chat history to


2. Nimbuzz

Besides IM, you can also make low-cost international calls in Nimbuzz, both on mobile and desktop. They have recently released their API, which lets developers make automated chat buddies – this feature may be integrated in the next version of Nimbuzz, and its apps. They also have a Chrome app, in case you use Google Chrome.

Link: Nimbuzz

3. eBuddy

If you want to more control over your web messenger, you should consider trying eBuddy’s web client. They also have eBuddy XMS, which is eBuddy for mobile. Like Facebook Messenger, eBuddy XMS will let you know if your message is read.


Link: eBuddy

4. Trillian

Trillian has a nifty feature which lets you update your status of different social networks right from the messenger, that includes Facebook, Twitter and many more. It lets you customize using themes and a bit more.

Link: Trillian

5. IM+

Not as popular as previously mentioned messengers, but worth a try if you’ve already tried the rest of them, has a handy auto away feature.

Link: IM+

Try out the apps, and tell us which one you’d prefer to use.


Mozilla Thimble – A Great HTML Editor for Beginners

Mozilla is trying to encourage more internet users to become familiar with HTML. Honestly, learning HTML is not really very difficult and anyone who creates content online through blogs should ideally try to learn atleast a little bit of it.

Often people are stuck with what sort of HTML editor they should use on their computers. Also questions are there on if these editors will be compatible with the OS of your computer.

For starters, Mozilla has a nice web app called Thimble which allows users to type in the HTML code in an editor and see the changes immediately.

Thimble Features

  • The web app is compatible on most modern browsers and not just Firefox.
  • Thimble has the text editor on the left hand side and the changes are shown in real-time on the right hand side of the browser.
  • You can also publish your HTML content and share it with friends with via a URL. It also has easy options on sharing it across Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

If you are new to HTML and a beginner, I would recommend starting with Mozilla Thimble. Try it out and do drop in your comments.

Link: Mozilla Thimble


Share Highlighted Text and Links as SMS from your Browser!

Sometimes when I am searching for a particular address online, I like saving it as a text message on my mobile phone. This is quite useful to refer back to it, while searching for that particular place in a cab or foot.

Textme is one such web service which allows users to send selected text or even links via SMS from the browser itself.

Features of onTextme

  • Textme is a simple web service which allows users to share text, images and links from the browser to an mobile phone in India.
  • This is done by installing a browser add-on. I tested it with Chrome but add-ons are available with Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox and Safari.
  • The service is free and without ads, which is a big plus as the last thing you want are more text ads on your phone.
  • Developers and site owners can also insert Textme buttons on their websites to make sharing content via SMS a lot more easier.

Video Demo of onTextme

Try out Textme and do drop in your comments and views.

Link: onTextme

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Use Distraction Free Writer for Chrome Browser! [Blogging]

I love to write without any distractions and it is one of the reasons, I like using Windows Live Writer for blogging. I like to write parts of a post first and then go about adding images or videos into them.

If you are using Chrome, then you might like Writer Web App which allows users to quickly type in a distraction free environment.

The web app calls itself the typewriter for the internet. It expectantly has a sparse design and allows users to save notes. It also allows sending what you have written on various blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal and more. Users can even send an email from the web app.

The online tool is quite perfect if you want to quickly write down some thoughts without any distraction. In case you want a software that is distraction free on your desktop, you might like trying out CreaWriter for Windows or OmmWriter for Mac and iPad. In case you are using Linux using JDarkroom is quite useful.

Try out Writer for Chrome and drop in your comments.

Link: Writer App for Chrome