Facebook sued again for tracking logged out users

Once again Facebook Inc. got sued for invading user privacy. This time a group of people sued Facebook for tracking its users even after logging out of Facebook.com. Generally when a user logs out of a website, that website automatically deletes it’s tracking cookies. but what Facebook was doing is to modify those tracking cookies […]

Best privacy settings for your New Facebook profile

After the launch of Facebook subscription button and Profile review option, Facebook completely changed its privacy settings again. And as expected these features are so complicated for a normal user. Also some of the privacy features are not given under privacy settings link. You have to edit your profile to change your content’s visibility. But […]

How to save a protected image from Flickr

If you like uploading your photos to online photo sharing websites just because they are safe and no one can save protected images from it then think before you upload. These websites are not 100% safe and anyone can save pictures from it as there are thousand ways to do that. Let’s take an example […]

100 SMS per day limit from today for Indian cellular users

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) introduced something unusual in order to control spam SMSes and calls you got from different telemarketing firms. Rather than limiting these firms SMS limits they put a limit to every cellular user in India that no one can send more than 100 SMS per day for prepaid users and […]

Your Facebook Password is Not Completely Case Sensitive!

Facebook passwords are not ‘completely’ case sensitive. You actually have 3 passwords for your Facebook account, including the normal password with which you login. So what are those other two passwords, apart from the one you know? Your actual Facebook password with case reversed. Your actual Facebook password with first letter capitalized, this is only […]

How to remove/block unwanted applications on Facebook

Most of the time we click on Facebook applications and install them which seems very interesting in the beginning but irritates a lot after some time due to useless notifications. This post will tell you how to block these unwanted Facebook applications permanently. You can also remove these applications but you will still receive notifications […]

Your Complete Guide To Online Privacy And Anonymity

Privacy has been major concern from internet users lately, no one wants to be tracked by companies nor they want to get their E-mail address sold. If you’re looking for some Privacy tips which can make your online life a bit more private, then you’re on the right page. Read on! This is not a […]

Facebook Phone Contacts, visible to everyone or not?

The rumors that your Phone contacts are visible to everyone on Facebook are not true, claimed Facebook on Thrusday (August 11th 2011). According to these rumors all the Facebook friend’s contact numbers in contact list of your phone was set visible to everyone on Facebook by Facebook officials but Facebook denied it. The actual thing […]

Facebook events like “First 100000 will get free iphone/shoes” are fake!

This post is to inform you guys that Facebook events like this one “The first 100000 participants Will Get cool Facebook iphone Free” and many others are fake. Facebook users are blindly following the instructions given on such events to get a free gift which they are never going to get. Following these instructions results […]