Track the Time You Spend on Each Website with Chrome [Time Tracker]

I spend a lot of time online, thanks to being a full-time blogger. This means I spend hours reading feeds, writing posts and replying and reading email. I have always wondered how much time I spend on a particular website. Sometime keeping track makes you aware of how and where you are spending your time […]

6 Ways to Customize Your Chrome’s New Tab or Start Page

We take immense care while choosing wallpapers for desktop; same should be the case for New tab page of a browser. There are many extensions available at the Chrome Webstore to make your New tab page funky, productive and visually appealing. The chrome team is also trying to give a new look to the New […]

YouVid – Chrome Extension to Download Videos from YouTube

Recently, I wrote a post about the 10 best Chrome Extension for YouTube. These extensions were basically useful for people who spend a lot of their time on YouTube. I had not found a good and decent extension to download YouTube videos while watching them. Thanks to a tip by Marco on my post, I […]

[Chrome] Save Bandwidth by Viewing Websites Only in Text Only Mode

Websites usually try following best web design practices, for better speed when it comes to loading up of pages. I know a few friends who do struggle at times because of slower connections. Quite often web-pages have ads and other design elements which does add to the bandwidth being used. In such cases it would […]

[List] 10 Best Chrome Extensions for YouTube Junkies!

Long ago, internet was just about checking your email or looking up news in real-time. This all changed after YouTube. Videos were watched more on the computer via internet instead of the television. I am no exception and do occasionally spend a lot of time on YouTube. I also like Chrome as a browser of […]