Find how much time you spend on a website while using Chrome

I have written a lot about Chrome as a great browser previously and I like it for its speed and simplicity. No toolbar or too many icons. All neatly tucked in, Chrome is my favorite browser. This means I end up doing my internet surfing with Chrome. Most times I use Facebook, Email and Reader […]

YouSearch: Watch YouTube Videos Without Leaving Current Page

If you are a YouTube lover and prefer to work in Google Chrome, then you would like to access YouTube from Chrome without leaving your current page. Many times bloggers need to research things or Embedded YouTube Videos while writing articles. Sometimes, it becomes a bit time consuming to search for YouTube videos from different […]

Edit Images in Google Chrome with Picnik

Picnik is a great tool which enables users to capture screenshots of web pages and edit them directly in your browser without the use of any other software. You can even add annotations to your images using Picnik and share it with your friends on popular image sharing websites such as Flickr, Picasa or Facebook […]

Facebook Extension for Google Chrome in Gmail

Google released Google buzz some days back and now we can directly navigate to Buzz inside Google mail. David Mulder added a Facebook extension for Gmail which will let you integrate Facebook into your Gmail account. You can quickly update your Status from Gmail. This extension uses Facebook connect to show your friends news feeds […]