10 Most Popular Posts This Week! [21-27 Aug 2011]

Here are the 10 most popular posts in the past week. We have calculated the popularity of the post by giving them rating points. As the posts are only a week old, we decided not to take into account “page views” which can fluctuate but take into account popularity across social networks.


10 Most Popular Post This Week!

  1. [Infographic] What Happens Every 60 Seconds on the Web! (95 Points)
  2. Google Allows Sharing “+1? Links to Google+ Circles (84 Points)
  3. Enable Gmail’s New Re-Designed Login Page (81 Points)
  4. Create Disposable Email and Keep Track of Messages via RSS Feeds (63 Points)
  5. Windows 8 Will Change The Way Copy-Paste is Done! [Video] (60 Points)
  6. Google Plus gets Twitter like Verified Sign for Celebrities! (54 Points)
  7. Apple Loses it Colossus: Steve Jobs Quits as CEO (52 Points)
  8. Get Incompatible Firefox Addons Working in Aurora and Nightly Builds (51 Points)
  9. Apple Working on Cheaper iPhone 4 for India and China (51 Points)
  10. Take Notes While Browsing on Chrome with SyncPad (27 Points)

It was surprising to the post on Steve Jobs Quitting Apple as CEO was not the most popular. Also Google+ related post seem to be also getting a lot of love when it came to sharing socially.

How the Points are Calculated:

We think Facebook Shares lead the way when it comes to actually getting a good idea of which post is really popular. So FB Share is taken as the mean comparative for the rating.

FB Share 1 X 1.0
Retweet 1 X 0.9
Google’s +1 1 X 0.8

What do you think about this week’s most popular posts? Do drop in your comments.